At Helen Y. Davis Leadership Academy, Character Development is an integral part of
our curriculum. We truly believe the key to unlocking black genius is to establish cultural relevancy in our coursework, build an atmosphere of scholarly discourse, and to maintain a rigorous athletics and enrichment program that reinforces the belief that students of color are leaders whose voices and talents have yet to be felt. We are committed to building the self-esteem and confidence of our children, which improves classroom performance as their self-love and self-determination allows them to meet the high expectations we set for them as young scholars.


Prepare Your Child For Success
Give Them
Leadership Advantage


1 Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

Creative problem solving, innovative
3 Respect


Treating others as you would like to
be treated
5 Integrity


Reliability, trustworthiness, honesty
with yourself and with others
7 Community Citizenship

Community Citizenship

Acting to improve your community


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What Parents, Students and the Community say about Helen Y. Davis Leadership Academy

Ms. Roxanne

DLA Almuna
I was taught by teachers that believed in my talents, abilities and intelligence. I was apart of a learning community where we were taught to uplift each other and to be proud of our history. Today, I consider myself to be a leader in my community because of the values and traditions entitled in me during my time at this school [DLA].

Ms. Joseph

DLA Alumna
 This is school has helped me figure out who I am and what I want to be in the future!

Ms. Terri

DLA Parent, Class '14
This is an Amazing School that teaches our children: Self Confidence, Self Respect and Leadership at the highest level. I'm a mom to a graduate and current sixth grader who is now excited about going to school! I'm blessed to have my daughters educated by this incredible staff!

Ms. Ross

DLA Parent, Class '12
When my twins left Davis Leadership Academy they were 3 years ahead of their BPS peers [in 9th Grade].

Mr. Brown

DLA Parent, Class '17
I am proud for my daughter to attend an afrocentric school. I wish I had gotten the same experience. I definitely believe this to be a good foundation that will follow her throughout life.

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